The following policies are intended as a guide for all customers:

All shipments of goods are governed by part 5 of the Marine Liability Act and the rules contained therein. The Hague-Visby Rules apply in respect to contracts for the carriage of goods by water from one place in Canada to another place in Canada where there is a Bill of Lading in place.

Where there is any disagreement between the policies contained in this document and the Bill of Lading, the Bill of Lading or the laws which govern the Bill of Lading will apply.

It is the policy of Canship Innu Marine LP to offer freight services on a first come first serve basis consistent with available cargo space.

It is strictly forbidden to offer contraband goods for shipment.

Payment Policies

a) Pre-paid shipments only

Freight for all goods accepted for shipment shall be arranged in advance. Canship Innu Marine LP is not obligated to store, warehouse or otherwise protect, prepare for shipment, or ship any goods where shipping terms have not been agreed. Freight left at our facilities without payment and/or without a signed Bill of Lading, becomes the sole responsibility of the individual dropping off the freight. We will not be liable for any loss or damage, nor will we ship freight left in this manner.

b) Accepted Payment Methods

Canship Innu Marine LP accepts most major payment methods for shipping freight. These methods include Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Personal cheques are not accepted. Customers must have their verified account number available at the time of payment, or another payment option will be required.

Hours of Operation

a) Harbour Grace

During our normal operating season freight office hours are Wednesday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm in the week prior to departure from Harbour Grace.

b) All Other Ports

Please contact the wharfinger in your port to arrange shipment of freight. Wharfingers are generally available during regular business hours for receiving freight for shipment.

c) Delivery Schedule

Acceptance of a customer’s freight does not ensure shipment on the next available scheduled departure. The general policy is “first in – first out” We recommend that customers drop off freight at their earliest convenience at any time during regular business hours.

Receiving Goods for Shipment

(a) Receiving

It is the shipper’s responsibility to ensure that cargo is prepared for shipment prior to arrival at our facilities. A terminal employee can assist with unloading heavier pieces of cargo from your vehicle or trailer, if it can be safely handled using a forklift. It is the shipper’s responsibility to unload loose items/packages from their vehicle or trailer.

Restrictions on Dangerous Goods

(a) Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Any product that has a “UN” number is a dangerous good. No shipment of dangerous goods will be accepted at the terminal without prior arrangements being made through Canship Innu Marine LP.

Dangerous goods will only then be accepted if labeled properly and accompanied by the appropriate paperwork, as per Transport Canada regulations. We may refuse the shipment of dangerous goods at our sole discretion.

Labeling and Proper Packaging

(a) Labels

It is the shipper’s responsibility to ensure that their freight is labeled properly. The label should be large enough to be easily found on the package and should be weather proof. It is recommended to use multiple labels on larger items.

Labels should include information such as the consignee name, address, and phone number.

We are not responsible for damage or loss of any item that is improperly labeled and may refuse to accept such items for shipment.

(b) Packaging

All items must be appropriately packaged for marine shipment. It is recommended that items be palletized and secured to prevent damage during transit. We may refuse to accept any item for shipment that is deemed to be inadequately packaged for marine transport. Any items offered for shipment, which are not palletized, may be subject to additional handling fees.

Small Package (single small item)

The package should be not more than 24 inches in any dimension, (max 24x24x24 inches) and not more than 50 pounds.

Palletized Freight

(a) Size Restrictions

A standard pallet is considered to be 48″ x 40″. The height restriction for a standard pallet is 4 ft. Any pallet outside of these standard dimensions may require special handling and/or crating. Palletized freight that is higher than 4 feet will subject to additional charges. In order for a pallet to be accepted for shipment it must be in good condition, i.e. no broken board, no nail protruding, etc.

The height restriction for refrigerated pallets is 6 ft.

(b) Wrapping and Stability

All palletized freight must be appropriately wrapped and/or strapped in a manner which is consistent with safe marine transportation. We may refuse palletized freight that we deem to be inadequately strapped/wrapped, or unstable.

(c) Mixed Pallets

Pallets containing items for multiple consignees are shipped at the shipper’s own risk. Canship Innu Marine LP will not be responsible for any damage or loss to items shipped on a pallet containing items belonging to multiple consignees.

Temperature Controlled Cargo

(a) Acceptance of Temperature Controlled Cargo

Customers should call in advance to obtain drop off dates and times for such items. Refrigerated cargo can be arranged via Atlantic Grocery Distributors (709-786-9720).

(b) Frozen and Chilled

Canship Innu Marine LP accepts both frozen and chilled products for shipment. It is important to note that frozen and chilled products should be labelled accordingly (“FROZEN” or “CHILL”) and should not be mixed together. Damages or loss resulting from incorrect temperatures will not be eligible for damage claims where the item is incorrectly labeled or mixed with items requiring different temperature levels.

(c) Wait Times

It is the shipper’s responsibility to ensure that items requiring temperature control are protected against thawing until such a time as we are able to receive the product. Extended wait times are expected on days when receiving refrigerated cargo. Any thawing will be noted on the Bill of Lading and will void any subsequent damage claim for the item.

Break Bulk

(a) Snowmobiles/ATVs

All uncrated snowmobiles/ATVs are considered unprotected and will be shipped at owner’s own risk, due to risk of damage while loading.

Unprotected Freight and Damage Due to Frost

(a) Unprotected freight

Canship Innu Marine LP will not be responsible for any damage sustained to any item that is deemed to be insufficiently packaged or otherwise unprotected. Any such item that is accepted for shipment is done so at the shipper’s/owner’s own risk of damage.
Damage claims will not be accepted for such items.

(b) Temperature damage

Any damage to items, other than temperature-controlled freight, as a direct result of freezing due to cold temperatures is beyond the control of Canship Innu Marine LP. It is important for customers to ensure that temperature-sensitive freight is shipped early enough in the season to avoid cold temperatures.

Proof of Delivery

Customers shall present themselves at the vessel to receive their goods. No item is to be removed without the customer signing the proof of delivery portion of the Bill of Lading. Any damages or shortages identifed when an item is received should be reported immediately and noted on the proof of delivery. Damages reported after the customer signs the proof of delivery and removes the item from the dock facility will not be accepted unless the damage is considered to be concealed damage.

Goods Not Received

Any claim submitted for goods not received will only be valid if the missing item is explicitly indicated on the Bill of Lading.

Unclaimed Items

Any unclaimed items at delivery will be returned to the vessel and may incur additional handling charges.

Damage Claim Process

Any claim for damages is covered under the Hague-Visby rules for transport and the remedies outlined within. Customers are encouraged to arrange additional insurance cover should these remedies not be sufficient.

Transportation Company

Suggest transportation be arranged with:

Innu Transportation Services Inc
P.O. Box 19
Point of Bay, NL    A0H 2A0
(T) 709-293-2114